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Welcome, to the new consolidate online shop (MxMnr + HML) for finding prints, apparel and other accessories designed and created by Colorado-born, California-based artist, designer and UX professional, Max Miner (that's me). 

Why the new website?
Why multiple collections in one store?

This site is the place to find all of my available-for-purchase work, prints, products, and brand updates.

Simply put, I make a lot of stuff across a lot of different types of mediums, styles and applications - and I want to be able to share all of together in one place, rather than spreading it all out.

So instead of spinning out many different "brands" each with individual websites and social channels to manage, I'm combing forces into a single channel for all things MxMnr, High Minded Lowlifes, or whatever else comes next.

It's an attempt to consolidate my own efforts (streamline things a bit) and make it a little bit easier for you (my family, friends, and fans) to discover, browse and purchase my work.

About Me.

Compulsively creative. Ambition junkie. Entrepreneur.

I have been drawing and making artwork in some shape or another since I big enough to hold a pencil. Legend has it that as a toddler I would get anxious and fussy if I didn't have pen and paper in hand.

Over my career I've developed a vast range of creative skills and expertise along with a massive portfolio of professional and personal work across a variety of mediums and styles from street art, illustration and painting to graphic design, UX, and industrial design.

I've been privileged enough to have parents, teachers and mentors who guided me to make the leap into professional work at a very young age and who fostered a entrepreneurial "do-it-myself" spirit that drives me to this day. 

And it led me to found and co-found a number of brands and small businesses ranging from street wear apparel (see About HML below) to event promotions and digital design studios.

All of this is just to say, I put myself into everything I create and I thank you for your time and interest in my work.

Check out more about my brand, High Minded Lowlifes, below:

About :: High Minded Lowlifes

High Minded Lowlifes (HML) is a streetwear-inspired clothing and apparel brand created by Max Miner and based in Los Angeles, CA. Originally founded 2009 in Boulder, CO, we have continued to evolve and grow since then moving our home base to the west coast where we now reside in Los Angeles, CA.

Our Name

High Minded [Adjective]Having strong moral principles.

Lowlifes [Noun]People or activities categorized as being disreputable or criminal.

Our name reflects the creative inspiration behind the brand - the duality of human nature - our tendency to maintain higher aspirations for how we should live and behave while simultaneously indulging in the darker side of our desires and cravings.

Our Logo

High Minded Lowlifes 'Scarab' brand logoThe Scarab beetle is an ancient Egyptian symbol once worn by royalty and believed to represent the heavenly cycle (rising/setting of the sun) and the idea of rebirth or regeneration. The god Khepri, Ra as the rising sun, was often depicted as a scarab beetle rolling the sun across the sky.

That said - the idea of the Scarab beetle rolling the sun across our sky actually came from seeing the insect rolling balls of animal poop across the ground, which it eats as a primary source of food.

It is this duality - the contrast of heavenly or god-like qualities against despicable behavior and indulgence - that fascinates and inspires us. And it is for this duality of spirit that we chose the Scarab beetle to represent the our brand.