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Welcome. This site is the online home for shopping prints, products, apparel, and accessories from the creative collections of artist and designer, Max Miner, including MxMnr, High Minded Lowlifes, and Bit¢oin Billionaire$.

Combining Forces & Consolidating Efforts.

The launch of this new online store marks the consolidation of several previously independent creative collections designed and created by Colorado-born, now California-based, artist and multidisciplinary leader, Max Miner

See below for more information about Max and his work.

About the Artist & Designer

Max Miner is a multidisciplinary creative, artist, designer, maker and professional leader in UX Strategy and Design. As a lifelong artist with roots in fine art, graffiti and digital design, Max has developed a unique style and perspective that comes through in his work.

His works cover a broad range of mediums, styles, applications and outputs. Find more examples of his work on Max's portfolio website, Behance artist's profile or on his official artist Instagram page.

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